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Trucking Human Resources Council – Atlantic

By George Fullerton

Late this past winter the Trucking Human Resources Council – Atlantic (THRSC-A) hosted a conference focusing on Building Inclusive Workplaces. THRSC-A executive Director Kelly Henderson commented, “Our keynote speaker was incredible and we received very positive feedback from attendees.”
Keynote speaker, Buhle Dlamini, is an international business consultant, speaker and facilitator who has been motivating audiences around the world for more than a dozen years. Born in South Africa, Dlamini is currently based in Canada. As the trucking industry increasingly markets to culturally diverse customers and employs an increasingly culturally diverse staff, Dlamini’s message was to develop a cross cultural mindset in order to succeed in a culturally diverse environment. Todd Seaward, General Manager Classic Freight and Chairperson of THRSC-A, reflected that Dlamini’s message was particularly engaging and informative. “One of his main points which I took home was to not set limitations in regards to an employee potential.” Dlamini holds that employees have individual abilities and may also possess the potential to take on additional challenges and responsibilities. It is important that supervisors not make assumptions or set limitations for employees, but rather provide opportunities for them to take on new challenges and reach their higher potential.

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Theme: Driver Recruitment

Casting Recruitment Net Farther

By Marek Krasuski


The driver shortage is nothing new. Some date it back to the 1980’s when it was thought that throwing money at the problem would alleviate the shortage. Recent updates confirm that the shortage is not only continuing but getting worst. The Canadian Trucking Alliance’s most recent study, Understanding the Truck Driver Supply and Demand Gap, says a scarcity of some 34,000 drivers is expected by 2024 based on current trends, with a possible increased shortage of 48,000 by the same year depending on how these trends change between now and then.

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