• Bennetts

    Bennetts Power Service Products

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    Address: PO Box 51016, RPO Tyndall Park
    City: Winnipeg
    Province: MB
    Postal Code: R2X 3C6
    Telephone: 204.694.1777
    Fax: 204.633.0133
    Toll Free: 877.778.4440
    Email: gbennett@powerservice.ca
    Website: www.powerservice.ca

  • LubSol-Mycroleum

    Lubricant Solutions Canada Inc.

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    Lubricant Solutions Canada distributes the Mycroleum brand of lubricants servicing the commercial and industrial sectors within several verticals, with particular experience in the trucking, manufacturing, mining, heavy construction and the utility industries. Mycroleum has a collective 150 years of experience in the lubrication and additive industry offering solutions to your lubrication needs with standard lubricants as well as industry leading proprietary fuel treatments and patented specialty lubricants.

    Address: 6368 Concession 6 South
    City: Amherstburg
    Province: ON
    Postal Code: N9V 0C8
    Telephone: 519.796.5919
    Fax: 855.99.LUBES
    Toll Free: 855.99.LUBES
    Email: sdeslippe@mycroleum.com
    Website: www.mycroleum.com

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